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Golden Retriever Puppy Application Process

Please fill out the form below once you have decided you would like to place a deposit to reserve a spot on our priority waiting list for your new puppy! Deposits are $300 and will be applied to your final purchase price. Please keep in mind that puppy pick is based on the order a deposit is received.  Though it is our hope that we can fill all deposits from current litters, please understand that Mother Nature is ultimately in control of how many puppies (both male and female) are in every litter.  Typically we accept 4 to 5 deposits per litter.  However sometimes Mother Nature can be tricky and we may have a litter with only 1 or 2 of either gender.  When this happens, your deposit will be shifted to the next available breeding unless you choose to take the available puppy from the litter.  

 If you have questions please CONTACT US!

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