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Our passion for this breed started when our 10 year old son begged for a Golden Retriever the Christmas of 2002.  We had owned dogs before but we had never had the honor and experience of  living with a beautiful Golden Retriever. Our families have never been without a Golden Retriever since that year.  We all fell head over heals in love with this breed.  

As breeders of all things livestock-cattle, hogs, sheep and yes even an occasional horse or two, we purchased that first Golden with the intent of eventually breeding.  We purchased the lovely Lady and started breeding Goldens a couple of years after that.  We did not select our first stud, Denver, until 2013.  Since that time we have improved our lines and added some amazing, champion sired studs and dams.  Our intent with every breeding is to develop stronger, healthier, smarter Goldens that will add to their families lives and better the breed at the same time. 

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