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Excellent Nutrition is KEY to a healthy happy Golden Retriever

At Quivira Goldens nutrition is critical.  Over the course of the past 20 plus years, we have tested a number of dog foods and we want what works for us, the puppies, our adults and our new families. We have searched and researched to find a dog food that checked all of our boxes.

  • Quality Source of Nutrition-On our nutrition journey we searched for a dog food that helps with joint growth and development, keeps hair coats beautiful without needing to add too much to the diet and is palatable to both puppies and adults. We are also looking for something that comes in fresh and stays fresh as we feed out a bag of food.  Be on the look-out for dog food that is so moist that it can mold as the bag nears empty.

  • Readily Available-we searched for a dog food that most people (including ourselves) have ready access to. We have used a number of brands that over time have had "warehouse" issues and that doesn't work when we have babies to feed! If you are having trouble finding this dog food, please use the location finder for Science Diet. 

  • Highly Reviewed-As with any nutrition-dog food is a controversial subject.  We have tried a number of food brands and we are pleased with the growth, development, spirit, temperament, hair coats and general health of our puppies and adults over time while using Loyall.  

  • Consistent Formula-Unfortunately we have faced formula changes over time in a number of the dog foods we have used-Purina Pro Plan, Nutri Source and even Royal Canin. 

In the end nutrition is up to the​ new owner.  For us-Science Diet Puppy meets our requirements. We highly recommend feeding at least one complete 35 lb bag of the Science Diet Puppy before switching.  Research and past experience show that puppies can quickly develop loose stools when they are switched from their current dog food.  One simple way to avoid this is to remain consistent with their dog food.

Dog Gone Good Food

Science Diet Puppy


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