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English Cream Golden Retriever Breeder

A Good English Cream Golden Retriever Breeder

There may be some English Cream golden retriever breeder options that want you to believe that English Cream golden retriever puppies are a different breed than golden retrievers. Those breeders do a lot of marketing to make people believe that English Cream goldens are a special version of golden retriever. Some other breeders may present these dogs as rare or incredibly valuable so they can charge a lot of money for them. They also like to present English Cream golden retrievers as healthier, stronger, and having a better personality than the golden retriever. While they may do a really good job of marketing, these are not accurate statements. When you are looking for English Cream puppies for sale near me, you want to keep the facts in mind, which is that there have always been variations in the color of golden retrievers. Therefore, one is not more valuable than the other. There is also only one breed of golden retriever.

We at Quivira Goldens agree with the Golden Retriever Club of America is saying that the color of a golden retriever is rich and luxurious and covers the spectrum of golden shades. In addition, the feathering of the golden may be lighter than most of the coat on the golden. When looking for english cream breeders near me, you should know that dark and light shades may be present in the same litter of golden retrievers. It is not unusual for siblings to have variances in color from gold to light cream.

When looking for English Cream puppies for sale near me, you should keep in mind that color is really a personal preference. A top notch breeder will not put all the attention on the shading of the dog. They know it is important, but it is not the only factor because that is incredibly limiting when it comes to dog breeding. It could also narrow the genes so much that it could cause other problems such as a predisposition to genetic problems which can become major health problems over time and impact breeding.

The name English Cream golden retriever is not actually correct but these dogs are not English at all. All golden retrievers come from Scotland, which is part of Great Britain, but is different from England. Today most of these dogs are bred in the US and are descendants of dogs from European countries. It is really unknown how the lighter golden retrievers came to be called English Cream. We understand that the lighter color golden retrievers may be incredibly appealing to many buyers. We encourage you to understand everything you can about the dog you are interested in buying. Do not look at the color and stop there. You must ask pertinent questions about the health of the dog's ancestors and general temperament. Trust us, those will matter once you have the dog in your house. You want to make sure the breeder has done its due diligence during the breeding process and paid attention to more than just the color.

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